Check out what we did in our day jobs with Abundance. 

Abundance embraced the ‘live’ element of The Drum Live like no one else, involving the attending audience in a live privacy experiment. Here we look at how the innovation company is blurring the line between research and creativity, and how it duped five unsuspecting delegates using freely available online information.

“The speaker is not who he says he is. He doesn’t work at Abundance. He’s never worked in marketing. And he’s never met the five ‘old friends’ he’s just invited up on stage with him,” interrupts a woman, springing urgently to her feet, unannounced, from the audience. WTF?

House Of Vans: London’s First Permanent Indoor Skatepark

Amidst the tunnels of Waterloo, open 5 days a week and completely free of charge, the park will open August 9.