Fantastic work by Slinkachu for the 20 Years of War Child exhibition. 

O2 commissions street artist Slinkachu

to create original pieces for 20 Years of War Child exhibition


·         O2 commissions Slinkachu to create original artworks for new exhibition

·         20 Years of War Child celebrates the charity’s history and its powerful bond with music and popular culture.

·         Exhibition runs from 19 February 2013 for six weeks at the British Music Experience, Britain’s Museum of Popular Music in The O2

·         Exclusive items from the exhibition will be auctioned in March to support War Child and the Museum, honouring the important collaboration between music and War Child.


O2 has commissioned leading street artist, Slinkachu to create three original artworks to support the 20 Years of War Child exhibition at the British Music Experience, at The O2.

Slinkachu, well known for his signature style of using models of “little people” interacting with their real-world environment, has created bespoke urban installations for O2 and charity War Child to raise awareness of its 20th anniversary and the new exhibition.

The three pieces, all created in playgrounds around London, hauntingly juxtapose children in war-torn scenarios highlighting the injustice of children affected by war.

The new works will feature as part of the six-week long exhibition, hosted at the British Music Experience, chronicling the charity’s history and its unique relationship with music,

popular culture and THE BRITs.

Slinkachu, commenting on the newly commissioned pieces, says: I was more than happy when O2 approached me to create some pieces for the War Child 20 year exhibition. I’ve been keen to do something dealing with the impact that war has on the often voiceless

victims of conflict - children.  My work features the unheard, the unseen, forgotten and the often ignored people in today’s world so this project was an obvious collaboration to get involved with.”

The 20 Years of War Child exhibition, supported by O2, will feature dozens of unseen photographs by iconic photographers, such as Mary McCartney, offering unique glimpses of globally renowned artists and capturing the natural bond that results when music and a mission connect.

Original album artwork will be displayed alongside video footage of the marathon recording session for the BRIT award-winning album ‘Help.’ The exhibition will also highlight the amazing support work with the children of war torn regions, made possible by these relationships. 

Mark Stevenson, Head of Priority and Sponsorship, O2 says:  “Our work with War Child helps to get their message out to a wider audience. The aim of the partnership with Slinkachu is to drive talkability and buzz around the exhibition at the BME.  Slinkachu’s iconic, signature art perfectly embodies War Child’s message that children should not be forgotten.”

Liz Koravos, Development Director of the British Music Experience, also comments on the collaboration: Slinkachu’s work to raise awareness about the exhibition and support our vital fundraising efforts perfectly encapsulates the plight of some of the most vulnerable children in the world. His use of tiny modeled people, toy-like in appearance, negotiating an overwhelming world with a backdrop of empty London playgrounds is an important call to action for all of us. The Museum archives and celebrates music and how it impacts popular, social and political culture - Slinkachu’s work is a wonderful contemporary example of how this impact transcends across the arts.”

War Child UK has changed and saved the lives of over 800,000 children in the world’s most war-torn countries, children who would otherwise have been forgotten. From Bosnia, Chechnya and Rwanda to Afghanistan, Iraq and the Democratic Republic of Congo, War Child have given children the security, care, education and skills they need to build a better future for themselves.

20 Years of War Child exhibition, supported by O2, runs at The British Music Experience, at The O2 from 19 February 2013 until 28 March 2013.  For more information and tickets go

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